What is a hackathon?

Please see the definition in Wikipedia. No two hackathons are the same.

We use the broader definition of the term hack: in other words, we encourage people to do novel and innovative things with public data within the commemorative and educational theme of Anzac Day.

How does the Anzacathon comply with the Use of the Word 'Anzac' Guidelines from the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)?

We encourage all participants to review this overview of the Guidelines.

We encourage participants to go beyond the letter of the DVA guidelines. Please spend an hour reading through casualty and PoW files in the National Archives. Consider the handwritten letters from parents and spouses seeking information about their missing family members. Whatever you decide to publish or produce as part of this activity, imagine one of those people was going to see your work and think about whether they would find it supportive and respectful.

The summary of the guidelines states that a request for permission to use the word is not always needed and it may be used in connection with certain events or entertainment held on 25 April itself, or on consecutive days including 25 April. In the context of Coronavirus, we feel that an online event with a commemorative theme is both permissable and doesn't need to request explicit permission.

Can I make a donation or sponsorship?

Due to the commemorative nature of Anzac Day, we are not asking for money.

The RSL runs an Anzac Appeal each year.

If you want to offer prizes to Anzacathon participants, we can't be involved in judging or administration of prizes, on the other hand, there is nothing to prevent third parties offering incentives to participants. Please be mindful of the regulations about Anzac day.

Due to the Coronavirus situation, there has been a significant increase in online fraud in 2020. We encourage everybody to be particularly careful evaluating any requests for donations around Anzac Day.

If it is not about prizes and money, what is the purpose?

The Anzacathon is proposed as a commemorative and educational activity.

From an educational perspective, it offers the opportunity to learn about the Anzac story, Australian history, research skills and technical skills at the same time.

It offers an opportunity to practice and apply skills in multimedia and data science to gain deeper insights into the Anzac story.

We also hope it will help people to stay home for public health reasons.

How did this hackathon come about?

In November 2019, we held a small hackathon in Prishtina, Kosovo for Remembrance Day. We didn't know about Coronavirus in November but it turns out that our work provides a useful foundation for an online Anzac Day event so we are delighted to share it.