Anzacathon is a grass roots, self-organized community event without central control. To make it a success, we encourage you to engage your own community and friends and work through the online platforms you prefer. In particular, we don't ask anybody to register or submit personal details if you want to participate.

Social media

Some participants will be communicating on, a de-centralized social media network. Please feel free to ask questions or share your work on and any other social media platform.


Organizers are experienced IT professionals who will try to make available data, tools and documentation to facilitate mass participation.

To discuss the IPFS software that we use to distribute databases, please use the IPFS Forum.

To discuss mapping of Anzac graves, monuments and other locations, please use the OpenStreetMap mailing list.

To discuss records from the National Archives of Australia, please use the NAA online forum.

For everything else, please contact us by email at